Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Discommodulated Battery

No, it's not a crime under Napoleonic Code, it is what we managed to do last week, and it is much easier than posting rotated photos on Blogger....

One LEAF battery pack has been disassembled into sub-packs.  We identified the components, taking special care to disconnect the busbars that were easiest to remove first, as those mid-pack breaks greatly reduce the voltage present and potential for shock.  We learned to snap back the insulating covers after removing the busbar fasteners, as the busbars can be removed without exposing any bare copper.  We double-checked the disconnection of all small sense leads and made sure there would be no snags or shorts in the wiring harness, and then lifted out each of the sub-packs.

Next step is to measure these sub-packs and confirm they won't be a ready fit into the Ranger Sarcophagus, and then we'll advance to disassembly down to the module level, taking careful note of how the sub-packs were assembled, as we'll need to reuse the end plates and hopefully many of the busbars and the BMS wiring harness as we reconfigure the modules into a series string of 'buddy pairs', and restack them using the original hardware, but with a different number of modules in each subpack.

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