Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Disassembly without Destruction

The LEAF battery packs are a wonderfully compact kit, with an interesting mix of fragile and overly beefy componentry.  We've now broken down the subpacks into individual battery modules, without a single broken wiring connector and only one stripped screw, out of dozens apiece.
At 8.2V apiece, the individual modules don't pose a shock hazard to bare skin, but the subpacks did, so extra care was employed when exposing the network of interconnected busbars and removing those bolts.
Arrg, can't get it to stay flipped, but you get the picture!
Now all we need to do is fill the big box with what we pulled out of the little boxes.  Seems simple enough, but so does posting photos to a blog!

48 modules, once again in an antigravity orientation...

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