Thursday, October 20, 2016

Virtually Started

Thanks to collaboration with Mr. Thompson, four leading students of introductory engineering are taking on a real-world project in Computer Aided Design, in which they are taking measurements of the Ranger EV battery box, modeling it in the computer, and then modeling the fitment of our different battery pack options!
For suspenders to compliment this virtual belt, students in Mr. Culpepper's Wood Shop are cutting and gluing wooden blocks as stand-ins for Nissan Leaf modules.  With just two wooden dummy modules, it should be easy to check lid clearances and tape off outlines or even create wire frames of how the battery will fit in the box.  

As an added bonus, both techniques were started today, so we get to have a race of old-school craftsmanship versus new-age technology.  Which do you think will find the final solution faster?



Keep posting on this project Jay. I hope the Students at Sumner High School realize what a EV champion they are learning from. When the students look back 5 or 10 years from now and EV's are REALLY the mainstay on our roads, their going to come to understand that you knew all along the direction we are going. More so now than ever before.


Jay Donnaway said...

Thanks Tim (aka EV Expert!)