Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Speaking of great weights, how about a battery sponsor?

Longtime Karmann Eclectricians will recall that the 2014-15 Grumman KurbWatt project came together thanks to the generous sponsorship of http://www.better-energy-llc.com/ and several local hobbyists who shared spare and/or used parts.

The Ranger EV does not yet have a funding source identified for batteries.  The students and I are running the numbers on different battery options, both new and OEM salvage.  Our goal is a solid 100 miles of range, which means at least 35 usable kWh with a pack voltage that ranges between 300 and 370V.  A pair of crashed i-MiEV, a couple of original LEAF packs that are already down their depreciation curve,  some orphan Think packs, a couple of Volts or a crashed Smart ED or Spark EV- the list of possibilities is very long.  Who out there in the ether cares to step up?  I have truck and will travel!

  Image result for LEAF battery packImage result for volt battery pack
Image result for Spark  battery packImage result for Enerdel  battery pack

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