Thursday, March 10, 2016

A month is a long time

So, we have much progress to report on the Grumman Kurbwatt!
Installation of the following components has been accomplished.

  • Manzanita Micro PFC-20 battery charger with J1772 compatibility upgrade, along with an external dc-rated input circuit breaker and output fusing that bypasses the 'Run' contactor.  
  • Zilla 1k motor controller, coolant pump, radiator, reservoir, and fan.
  • 53 amp 13.8 Volt output DC-DC converter and 'house battery' using a spare Valence XP-27
  • Two Kilovac contactors, one for "Run" and one for safety.
  • A Gigavac manual disconnect, essentially a rotary version of their vacuum-sealed contactors
  • An LED dome light with red "night vision" auxiliary function.
We re-energized the 12V system yesterday to re-verify function of all original components and begin the commissioning of the 12V control and instrumentation wiring.  

After that comes the first high-voltage tests; first of the charging system and then propulsion.  Having a rear-mounted pack with a rear disconnect has been a blessing, in that we can work freely without any high voltage present in the motor bay.  

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