Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A great weight is lifted...

After a quick orientation to the vehicle and the inherent hazards herein, we commenced to removing the pack of dead lead.  All 1950 lbs of it...
What the shop manual declared to be a 40 minute task was accomplished by our crack team in about 20 minutes, and removal of the coffin lid's 22 bolts took under 5 minutes; light work with many hands!

Underside orientation and discussion of the designated lift points.

The sarcophagus will reveal its secrets

The battery lift is certainly earning its keep!

38 custom-sized lead-acid 8 volt batteries.  WHY, Ford, WHY!
The upper stack has heat pads bonded to the sides, rest have them below.  Battery heating was activated in freezing weather only when connected to a charging station.  This would be a useful feature to retain with the lithium pack.

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