Friday, May 30, 2008

The Ghost Dancer Glides Again!

You may recall that my non-electric Ghia, the 1965 Cabriolet "Ghost Dancer", had an unfortunate encounter with a red Dodge in September of 2006. Well, after a year in the bodyshop, a new job, relocation, and a second baby, the Ghost rose again today, after only 20 months in rehab. It is pictured here next to Ruthie, my 22 month-old daughter (3 month-old son is off-camera, date stamp on photo is wrong). Of course, some minor details remain to be completed, like installing an interior and bumpers, but it looks as good and drives better than ever, with a freshened tranny and new rear brakes to boot.


Anthony said...

Jay, Ruthie looks adorable. The car makes me drool, and the home setting is so picture perfect. I'm so happy for you guys. Great talking to you yesterday. I will call you back discuss karma ghias and minivans. tony.

Gdunge said...

Hi Jay and Ruby!

Good to see you posting again! Glad to see the Dancer dancing again - she's a classic.

I've been collecting EV parts and my own Ghia project is becoming active again. My Zilla is on the way, hurrah!


Doug and Anna

Halbert said...

Hello Jay,

Nice to see the latest update of your car :) This is what Harry first ask about you when we talk about you and Ruby.

Haha, please help to reserve a ride for him when we visit you next time!