Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Godzilla Mounts Gamera (Rated G)

At last, this potent duo is joined!
You may recall that the Gamera Nine started off as a homely forklift motor, welded to a saddle for support. Since we went with a face mounting, the saddle wasn't required, but while Sir Jim was in a good mood (as he invariably is when playing with copper and steel), I got him to cut away that saddle, but not before drilling and tapping a set of holes for remounting the saddle, on either the top or bottom of the motor, should I so desire an accessory mounting platform.

I built some brass bracketry by bending straps around scrap wooden blocks and auto body dollys. Not only did they match the brass motor cable studs, but provide a bit of additional vibration isolation, with rubber washers and some built-in spring action... The advantages of this setup include minimizing the high amperage cable runs to all of ten inches, a compact and straightforward layout, no boring of holes through the fresh bodywork, and the perfect placement of Godzilla's cooling water manifold next to the Ghia air cleaner mount, upon which I will place the retasked oil bath air cleaner as a coolant reservoir, coolant pump, heat exchanger, and cooling fan.

You may have also noticed, by looking closely at the last photo, that the motor clearance against the rear valence is very tight. As a matter of fact, it was too tight. After all that measuring and machining, I wound up having to add a couple of shims to the transaxle mount, and that was all it took to push the motor back into the valence. However, the damage was minimal, and to prevent removal of too much material, I hand-filed the profile, and test fit it many times to achieve the result shown.


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dang sweet work.

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