Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ain't it nice to be together again?

What a week of milestones! First, paint day, and now the blessed union of two disparate halves, each incapable of function without the other. That's correct; the body has rejoined the pan, or to those uninitiated into the Church of Volkswagenism, the chassis.

Now, after three years of forced separation, it's understandable that these two may have grown apart. After all, his dirty bottom was cut out and replaced with something altogether different, and her beautiful curves have been massaged to better-than-original specs (and yes, we even accentuated her pecs). You see, the original pan had oblong mounting holes, to allow for plenty of wiggle room as the two came together, but I've yet to learn how to drill an oval hole through 1.25 inches of square steel. Despite our best efforts, a few of the holes didn't line up an all three axes at once. So, picture this author beneath the car, reaming out the topside of many holes from below with his trusty Dremel tool, in order for the pan bolts to find their way home..

Well, it took all day, but never have I seen a prettier pan..

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Jeff & Laura said...

She has a lovely Bottom (pan)