Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Karmann Eclectric: the Convertible?

No, I didn't lose my top, but we did loosen the rear.
In order to greatly simplify the installation and servicing of my motor, and to leave open as many future options as possible, the Karmann Eclectric was reworked with a removable rear valence. Now, a removed rear valence is often seen on drag racing VWs, since it simplifies engine removal (which is a fairly frequent task on these ICE beasts), but usually looks like a hack job. In the Eclectric, it allows me to more easily install the motor, and to do so with a minimum of scarring. (all other EV Ghias thus far have had to cut a notch out of the motor decking...)
And besides, you never know if I might want to upgrade to a bigger motor someday, say a Kostov, or EVen a Warp Thirteen! Then I could just leave the valence panel off and have a big honkin motor sticking out the rear....

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Jeff & Laura said...

I think this project of yours is brilliant considering the whole fossil fuel thing. The color is gorgeous too! It's very impressive. :)