Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back in the Saddle, Again.

Soooo sorry it's been so long.

When we last posted, Karmann Eclectric's cousin, the Ghost Dancer, had been viciously attacked by a Red Avenger. Well, time has stood still for both cars since September. The Ghost Dancer was moved to storage at my favorite bodyman's shop; Definition of Image. Like many car restorers, you have to get in line early to tap the talents of Tracy Payes, so the Ghost hibernated all winter long in Boring, Oregon awaiting the tender touch of Tracy's grinder.... This week, progress began on the bodywork, and this past weekend, the Karmann Eclectric was also resurrected from storage at a long-suffering friend's. Bob Torrens graciously gave up some of his home shop to store the car during my relocation. Yes, besides the arrival of our firstborn in August (, I accepted a new job in September, and spent the winter doing a weekly commute to Tacoma before relocating in March.

Karmann Eclectric's minimum 5" of ground clearance was sufficient to roll aboard the U-Haul car carrier without special considerations, but since I didn't bring along a come-along on the trip, we lifted the rear ramps in order to have a level runway, after getting all the advantage that could be had from the driveway's minor slope. Even though the car barely weighs a ton, pushing it up ramps is no fun! Note that having a working handbrake on your rolling shell is always a big plus, as is a buddy willing to donate his back to the cause!

Next: Project reorganiztion and rescussitation!


Doug Teeple said...


Just finishing a conversion on a '72 Ghia. Thought you might be interested...


PaulDriver said...

Nice to see some life, thought you died or sumthin :)

n0hj said...

greetings - would love to chat about your nicad packs - how goes it all? please email me.


Drop Suspension said...

Nice work! I am really impressed.