Thursday, August 17, 2006

PFC20 Joins the Party

I had originally planned to place the Manzanita Micro PFC20 battery charger up front in the car, to have it close to the charging inlet (which resides in the old fuel filler, of course!), and that would have given me a pack voltage connection up front, which allows for mounting the dc-dc converter in clean dry place, and next to most of it's loads. However, there are drawbacks to having an extra HV run of cable going up front, and there was some difficulty shoehorning the charger in there. Instead, we opted to mount the charger on the motor bay firewall, squared up with Gamera and Godzilla. This puts all the pricey hardware incredibly close together, keeps cable runs to a minimum, simplifies the EV education mission, and also concentrates the eye candy. Thanks to the donation of high voltage standoffs and craftsmanship of Dan Bortel, PFC 20 is now sitting pretty. You'll notice that in this photo, the charger leads aren't yet connected, and the battery leads aren't in yet.


karl said...

Beautiful Project-
I have a customer who did a electric version of my vw based kit.
If you are interested I would like to share some of the images and compare information.

Anonymous said...

I am new to this-
karl @ wombatcar . com

w w w wombatcar com

Anonymous said...

What's that extra switch on the PFC-20 charger?

- Steve

Jay Donnaway said...

Hi Steve,
That silver toggle switch turns the whole charger on and off, allowing for arc-free plug-ins for safety. This charger is an early model, I think the later ones just use the circuit breaker.