Monday, October 09, 2017

That wasn't white- this is white!

Except for a couple of corner details, the standing seam roofing job is complete.  Thanks go out to Haley and Justin at Metal Roof Specialties for converting my primitive plans into a professional and affordable roof kit.  Now the body is really screaming for some color, given that reflective galvanized roof over flat white primer...


Ben said...

Hi Jay,

Which roofing profile did you use?

I'm curious because I used "1-inch Nailing Strip" metal roofing on my garage. To go with those, I used S5! "N" profile clamps. The clamps pinch right onto the metal roofing. I've been very happy with them.

Just wondering if you used the same system, or something slightly different for your trailer roof.


Ben said...
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Jay Donnaway said...

Yep, I used the exact same thang!