Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tiny Progress

Well, a sensible tiny home builder would've put on a coat of paint or two before the rains returned to Western Washington, but I spent more time on family activities than my pet projects yet again...  Did manage to get the roof tarpapered in time, so here's hoping for our not-unusual Indian Summer this fall.  I delayed in ordering the standing seam roof until all was complete, which was a good thing.  Even on a tiny project, the 'as-built' dimensions  will vary a bit from plan.  Since I was a couple inches over 16' in the roof width, I went ahead with some overhang at the rear to reduce waste on that 17th roof panel.  

Notice the vestigial 'wedge front' frames?  I'm thinking to stretch those triangular protuberances to a point on the center line as an art deco detail and place a marker light on the outside of each point.  Still undecided on the wheelwell shape.  Probably stick with the squareness in cutting those holes, but awaiting inspiration.  Maybe make it a hinged panel.  Besides, I don't need to cut them out until the first flat tire, right?!

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