Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tow a what with who?

An astute observer may notice that all of my vehicles get hitched.  That's right, though I believe in plural vehicular marriage, all of these vessels should be capable of carrying more than their fair share.
Sometimes, a hitch might be retasked for something other than traditional trailer towing.  Load platforms are one excellent example,

bicycle carriers are another;

and the previously mentioned pusher trailers are another.  Of course, pusher trailers don't have to be petroleum-powered.  For some designs, chicken nuggets will do just fine.

Sometimes, there really is a trailer that needs relocating, and it's just the tow rig that needs substitution.

And you thought I was joking?  After all, my buddy needed the Burley, and it's very cold and foggy tonight! 

With such capabilities, who could blame an EV for copping a little attitude?