Thursday, October 06, 2005

What's in a name?

You may have gotten used to the "Karmann Eclectric" name by now, an admittedly clever creation with an altogether certain connotation. What were the other options? I started off with an obvious tribute to a rocker about which I know nearly nothing, by dubbing the project Karmann Electra. Cute, but maybe misleading...
The simple "Karmann Electric" was obviously too-- simple.
So what honors the car's original builder, it's new powertrain, and combines the quirky nature of both? Nothing short of Karmann Eclectric would do.
So how to present this new twist on an old name? By simply twisting the old logo.
In keeping an eye on the EV Trading post, I noticed an electric VW Bus built by Mark Schane-Lydon for sale. He's a computer graphic artist and filmmaker by trade (, and had put together a nifty "Voltswagon" logo
in the original style font for his van. I asked if he might do the same for the Karmann Eclectric, and refusing any compensation, 'ol Monk threw one together in a jiffy! A slightly more eclectic version is forthcoming, but I'm really stoked- this is just the kind of one-off touch that I was looking for.
Thanks big time, Monk!
PS-And here it is, maybe the final version, stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jay! This is just a quick hello from Richard Rau in Corvallis. Your project and your website are great and I wish you the best success in their completion. Now it's time to get out to my shop to work on the 228V Honda.
Slow but sure is the word. Otmar and I are becoming fast friends and it's exciting to have him here in Corvallis. A season of warmer longer days is on it's way. Hope to see you!