Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Okey dokey, there's plenty of pretty pictures of the i-car online, but nearly none of the business parts. So I'll hereby lift the lid to show what makes the car go.
Here's detail of the rare rear DeDion suspension, also used on the 1990's Ford Ranger EV. I don't fully comprehend the concept yet...

Next is a look at the motor and gearbox. Check out that big aluminum torque arm with vibration damper! The sealed boxes above are the battery charger and dc/dc converter. Notice the hose? I believe they're water cooled. You can hear the pump cycle during charging, a very different sound from the battery box blower.

Under the front hood, everything's neat, tidy and CLEAN.

Check out that easy-access brake system manifold over the electric booster. Just crying out for a line lock on the front circuits, eh? Nothing like a bubble-car burnout machine!

(also notice that formatting blog posts hasn't gotten any easier over the years. Thanks Google!)

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